Sarah-Jayne Duryea on the Emerging Mental Health Epidemic Among Women: A Pulse FM Exclusive

In a compelling and thoughtful interview on Pulse FM, Sarah-Jayne Duryea, our principal psychologist at Happy Minds Psychology, addressed an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent: the rise of anxiety and depression amongst women in Australia. 

The conversation, steered adeptly by Loretta Hart, revealed a landscape of complex emotions, societal expectations, and the urgency for effective mental health support. If you haven’t yet had the chance to listen to the interview, we highly recommend you do – the insights Sarah-Jayne shares are invaluable.

Click play to listen to Sarah-Jayne’s interview:

Recent studies indicate that anxiety and depression are becoming more common in Australian women. One may wonder why this is happening. Sarah-Jayne offers insight into how societal pressures and self-imposed expectations contribute to these statistics. 

Many women today juggle multiple roles, from being a parent and a partner to pursuing a career, often simultaneously. This multiplicity of roles can breed stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

One particularly poignant topic Sarah-Jayne discusses is the concept of ‘mum guilt’. Many mothers internalise the expectation to be the ‘perfect mum’, providing unwavering support for their children while also maintaining a career and managing a household. This immense pressure can lead to feelings of guilt when they can’t live up to these often unrealistic expectations.

An important analogy that Sarah-Jayne uses during the interview is the idea of ‘fitting your own life jacket before you can help others’. This speaks to the importance of self-care and ensuring one’s mental well-being. After all, you can only effectively care for others if you’re also caring for yourself.

In her conversation with Loretta, Sarah-Jayne also highlights the distinction between having a bad day and dealing with depression. The former is a normal part of life’s ups and downs, whereas the latter is a persistent state that can impair one’s ability to function and enjoy life. 

Sarah-Jayne’s interview on Pulse FM underscores the value and urgent need for effective mental health support for women. 

At Happy Minds Psychology, we’re dedicated to providing such support, helping women navigate their mental health challenges and empowering them to take care of their psychological well-being.

If you haven’t listened to the interview yet, we welcome you to listen. The insights and advice Sarah-Jayne shares can offer a lifeline to anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, or feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life. 

Remember, taking care of your mental health is not a luxury, but a necessity. And if you need support, we’re here to help at Happy Minds Psychology. You’re not alone in this journey.

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