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Positive Parenting

Help your child understand themselves with Positive Parenting in Geelong, Ocean Grove & Torquay

Being a kid sucks. You have a very limited understanding of yourself or your world, let alone how to handle it. Adults demand things of you and talk, talk, talk….it just keeps getting noisier and noisier!

Being a parent can suck sometimes too. You desperately want to help your little one be the best he or she can be, but you also have to deal with the competing demands of everyday life. Besides, parenting can get messy and painful (and we’re not just talking about stepping on Lego!).

Seeing a Parenting Counsellor at Happy Minds Psychology 

Initially, our Parenting Counsellor will meet with you to discuss your concerns and the needs of your family. After this, a treatment plan will then be developed and shared with you. Practical strategies for you to start implementing will be discussed.

The outcome of therapy is largely influenced by a parent’s willingness to be actively involved in the treatment process, therefore both parents are encouraged to attend therapy if possible. Separate appointments can be arranged for parents because it is important to involved all parents in the process. 

Circle of security groups

Happy Minds Psychology will be running Circle of Security Parenting groups from November 2020. Secure attachment relationships with caregivers is a protective factor for infants and preschoolers, setting the foundation for good social skills and promoting positive emotions in children.  

Throughout the sessions with the Parenting Counsellor at Happy Minds, the focus is firmly on increasing the family’s happiness. As well as encouraging connectedness and love. Therefore, you can expect to have some fun homework which focuses your family on being together.  

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