Achieving pregnancy can be like trying to catch a butterfly, the harder you try – the more elusive it becomes.

Trying to conceive can take its toll on relationships. Communicating with family and friends who have not experienced the fertility roller coaster can be tricky too.

However, there are things you can do that can assist. Attending infertility counselling can help you to heal the past and bring some clarity to your future.

Learning About Others Good News

It can be an emotionally distressing time when family and friends announce their pregnancies or deliver their babies while you are still trying to conceive. This can lead to confusion and despair, despite you being happy for their good news.

It is really helpful to talk to a Perinatal Psychologist about these feelings to ensure they don’t interfere with the fertility process or disrupt your relationships.

The Importance of Building Resilience in the Fertility Journey

Spending some time with a psychologist before starting a family can prepare you for the fertility journey – as well as building your resilience both personally and as a team.

Counselling prior to conceiving can also help anyone unsure about becoming a parent or experiencing fear about an aspect of pregnancy.
Some people seek help from a psychologist to address particular issues prior to starting a family. It’s thought that resolving underlying unhappiness, career direction or anxiety issues prior to trying to conceive, can be helpful.

The idea of bringing a new life into the world can make couples feel motivated to take on issues in their relationship. Therefore, attending relationship coaching can help couples strengthen their bond and work out parenting issues well in advance, and before they become an issue.


For some women, grief and loss is part of the picture of fertility and trying to conceive.

Miscarriage and stillbirth are still not something that is talked about enough. Many women end up dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, and sadness alone.

Speaking with a warm and nurturing Perinatal Psychologist about your loss can help you move through the darkest times with safety and support.

How to Improve Your Fertility

Being as relaxed as possible is definitely of benefit when it comes to winning the baby-making race.

Speaking with your local Geelong GP can get you started on the physical changes you might need to make, such as giving up smoking, losing weight or taking extra vitamins.

Your mental health however is equally as important. By managing your anxiety and learning some healthy relaxation techniques, you’ll give your body its best chance at conceiving.

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"Achieving pregnancy can be like trying to catch a butterfly, the harder you try - the more elusive it becomes."