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Positive Ageing for women

positive ageing

The mission of positive ageing: adding more life to your years, not just more years to your life.

While performing his daily routine of cello practice, the 91 year old Pablo Casals was once asked by one of his students, “Master, why do you continue to practice?” Casals answered “Because I am making progress”.

Whilst we are not suggesting that everyone of a certain age should take up the cello, spending some time planning and discussing your later years can be beneficial.

For some people, the idea of ageing can be scary. Besides,  old age can be filled with loneliness. Humans are social creatures, and growing old is not a solo sport.Therefore spending time planning for a positive future makes a lot of sense.  

How to age positively

Research tells us there are several factors that determine your ability to age positively.  Successful ageing is having the absence of disability or disease, as well as having good cognitive and physical abilities.  Most importantly, interacting with others in meaningful ways is crucial for you to age in a positive way. 

In positive psychology, improving our relationships, increasing meaning in life as well as pursuing learning is important. Together with increasing positive emotions as well as expressing our strengths,  we can make sure we age in a positive way. 

Most importantly, how we choose to define, view, and accept the changes ageing brings is crucial to our ability to “age gracefully.” Positive ageing allows us to weather the expected and unexpected changes we experience. Besides – it’s much more fun!

You’re living longer. How will you prepare for the next decades of your life?

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