Nurturing Your Journey from Survival to Strength.

A Safe Space to Share Your Story

At Happy Minds Psychology, we create a sanctuary where your voice is heard, valued and protected.

Nestled on the Bellarine in Geelong, our clinic is dedicated to providing a compassionate space where survivors of domestic and family violence can bravely explore and express their emotions and experiences, without fear of judgement.

Our psychologists are deeply committed to accompanying you on your path toward healing, always upholding the utmost confidentiality and respect.

By understanding your story, we aim to foster a healing journey that is not only restorative but also empowering, helping you rediscover strength and serenity amidst the struggle.


Tailored Strategies for Lasting Recovery

Your journey towards healing at Happy Minds Psychology is meticulously crafted, weaving through the distinctive aspects and impacts of your personal experiences with domestic violence.

With a foundation in evidence based methodologies, our psychologists in Geelong aspire to facilitate a reclaiming of power and autonomy within you, nurturing resilience and guiding a comprehensive healing journey.

Our approach not only involves aiding you in navigating through the repercussions of domestic abuse but also in reinforcing your mental and emotional fortitude, enabling you to cultivate a life that thrives in the aftermath of adversity.

We believe that with compassionate support and adaptive tools, you can reconstruct your life, directing it towards a future blooming with hope, stability, and psychological wellbeing, even after enduring the tumult of domestic abuse.

Connect with US for Compassionate Support

By reaching out, you become enveloped in a supportive network where your journey is respected
and your recovery is nurtured.

Holistic Assistance for a Wholesome Recovery

Navigating through the aftermath of domestic violence is a deeply personal  journey that extends beyond emotional healing.

At Happy Minds Psychology, we are committed to providing a robust and holistic framework of support for every individual who walks through our doors in Geelong.

Our therapeutic approach envelops more than psychological counselling — it extends to offering a listening ear, thoughtful guidance, and connections to various supportive resources and services throughout the community.

We stand beside you, ensuring your journey towards recovery is enveloped in comprehensive care, where every step forward is supported, every milestone celebrated, and every challenge met with collective strength and resilience.

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Reach Out for the Support You Deserve

In the tender aftermath of domestic violence, establishing connections and reaching out can be a daunting step, yet profoundly healing.

At Happy Minds Psychology, we extend our hands in unwavering support, inviting you to become a cherished part of our compassionate community in Geelong.

Your stories, your struggles, and your journey towards recovery matter immeasurably to us.

By reaching out, you’re not only accessing a realm of supportive counselling and resources but also becoming an invaluable part of a network that champions healing, empowerment, and collective resilience against domestic violence.

You’re not alone – let’s navigate the path towards healing together, fostering a future where every survivor finds their foothold in recovery.