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Sadly, 10% to 15% of pregnancies will end in loss – and 7 babies per 1,000 are stillborn in Australia. That’s why, we believe that miscarriage and stillbirth support is vitally important.

While there’s a good chance our bodies will heal themselves physically with the right care, the emotional effects of pregnancy loss can be harder for both women and men to handle and work through.

Experiences tend to vary between individuals. The stage of pregnancy, plus the level of connection a woman may have with their unborn baby will have an impact on the level of emotions they feel.

Feelings that can emerge when faced with pregnancy loss may include grief, fear, anger and jealousy. There may also be significant fear and anxiety regarding future pregnancies.

Psychological support and therapy can aid the individual to process their emotions and their grief around the loss of their baby, irrespective of the baby’s gestation.

You are not to blame for your miscarriage or stillbirth

Many women tend to blame themselves when they experience a miscarriage.

In most circumstances however, there was nothing you could have done any differently to prevent it.

Blaming yourself or your body is not helpful. At Happy Minds Psychology we can help you move past the blame game and get you focused forward on your future fertility goals.

Your partner may be struggling too

Miscarriage and stillbirth can often make a relationship stronger as you’ll tend to lean on each other, through this shared experience. However, it can also have the opposite effect – as strong emotions can cloud how you react to what the other person might be feeling.

It’s important to understand that everyone processes grief and emotions differently. If your partner doesn’t react the way you expect, try not to jump directly to anger.

Do your best to talk openly and honestly about how you’re feeling and encourage them to do the same.

Then, reach out to our experienced miscarriage support psychologists for assistance.

Professional miscarriage support will help you come to terms with Your Loss

While processing your emotions will inevitably take time, and there are no set timeframes, it’s worthwhile noting that professional miscarriage support can help you to come to terms with what’s happened, with much more ease.

Our psychologists can reframe your experiences and help you to trust your body, once again.

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