Counselling support for Fathers & Non Birthing partners

 Becoming a dad

The father’s role has changed dramatically over the past few decades.  Today, Dads are much more involved, both in the practicalities of parenting and in building their relationship with their child.

Fathers and mental health

Men with a past history of stress or depression are at increased risk of becoming depressed during the perinatal period.  Men with a partner who is depressed either in pregnancy or after the birth are also at increased risk of developing depression at these times.

‘Dad stress’, depression and anxiety in men during the perinatal period is still under recognised, meaning many new Dads suffer in silence.

Men often seek support from Happy Minds Psychology when they experience feeling overwhelmed or angry, depressed or anxious either before or after the baby’s arrival, adjusting to fatherhood, difficulties establishing a secure attachment with their new baby, supporting their partner with postnatal depression and anxiety and learning parenting practices and approaches. 

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