Women are often in a position where they put other needs first. Prioritising your mental health and getting help for times when you may be struggling is looking after your loved ones too.

If you are female, here are your mental health statistics

The reality is that women in Australia experience some mental health conditions at higher rates than men.  For instance, 1 in 6 women will experience depression at some stage in their life. In addition,  1 in 3 women will suffer from anxiety. As well as this, research also tells us that women have higher rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders than men.

Depression and anxiety can affect women at any time in their life but there is an increased chance during pregnancy and the year following the birth of a baby. 1 in 6 women experience depression during the first year after birth.  1 in 10 women experience depression while they are pregnant. Many women also experience anxiety at the same time as depression. 

Most importantly for women, the major life transitions unique to women such as pregnancy, motherhood and menopause can create physical and emotional stress. However, life experiences such as infertility, perinatal loss, discrimination, violence and isolation can also impact on women’s mental health.

Some of the experiences women benefit from getting support for include:

  • Caring for or supporting others
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Violence or abuse
  • Discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity
  • Infertility and perinatal loss
  • Pregnancy, having a baby and becoming a mother
  • Menopause

To check whether you may be at risk of depression and anxiety, click here to go to the Beyond Blue mental health checklist. 

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