Couples & The Transition To parenthood


Becoming Parents Together

We often focus on the baby shower and the excitment of welcoming a new baby, and less on the huge adjustment becoming parents together requires.  Couples often find themselves unprepared for the changes to their relationship becoming parents together brings. 

Like any rite of passage, becoming parents together requires a relinquishment of the old relationship, facing up to the fears and uncertainties of the new, and eventually emerging with a new sense of identity.  

However, our culture doesn’t often acknowledge the losses of parenthood, or prepare parents for the complicated feelings that can arise whilst transitioning to parenthood.  Parents often feel unsupported through their fears and the many “unknowns” of parenthood, and can feel like they have lost a sense of themselves as individuals and as a couple.  


Our Happy Minds clinicians work to prepare couples for the transition to parenthood and facilitate the development of parents’ identities and help you adjust to live after becoming parents. 

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