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We are always looking for dedicated, rockstar mental health professionals who have an interest in working with fertility, perinatal, women and infant mental health or parenting.  Please see our current vacancies below.

Happy Minds Psychology focuses on the care of women and their families, throughout their parenting journey. This may be from perinatal, post-partum, the challenges of IVF or surrogacy and women’s mental health, or even just the ups and downs of parenting itself!

Happy Minds Psychology aims to ensure that families survive, thrive and flourish throughout the joys and challenges of their parenting journey. 

We are looking for mental health professionals that are comfortable working within the perinatal sector.

It is important that our team members have a progressive mindset and view of what families can look like. We welcome applications from mental health professionals who have an understanding that families do come in all different shapes and sizes. You must be committed to working with all families, no matter who they are. 

Our culture at Happy Minds Psychology focuses on ensuring that all team members feel supported and cared for, in turn allowing you to complete your best work providing that necessary support to your clients. 

We are based in Ocean Grove, on the beautiful Bellarine, located 1 hour from Melbourne. Mental Health professionals based elsewhere in Australia are also welcome to apply, as Happy Minds Psychology provides a telehealth service to clients. 

If you think you would be the perfect fit for our team, and want to work with a close, well supported group of individuals all with a passion for supporting families or families to be, please reach out to us.

Please include a detailed cover letter and resume as part of your application, via the contact form below. 


October 2022 – Registered or Provisional Psychologist – Part Time

We want to add to our psychology family! I’m really biased about this place being a great to work in (I did open it after all), so I sought out feedback from someone whose opinion I really do trust – my 3.5-year-old daughter. She says:

“I love mummy’s office. It smells nice. I enjoy sitting in her big chair and scribbling on her desk, although mummy likes me to do this on paper” *

(*quote has been edited for clarity)

So you can’t really say much more than that, but if I had to – see below! Send me an email at if you want to chat. 

Who are we?

Happy Minds Psychology – Fertility, Perinatal & Parenting Psychology 

We have been busy supporting women and their families with their mental health in the Bellarine, Surf Coast and Geelong region for over four years now. At the core of what we do is the idea that families matter – whether that’s trying to start one, being in one or running one! 

All our clinicians hold specialist training in areas such as fertility, perinatal psychology and parenting. While all our styles and approaches vary, we have a similar interest in bringing the community into our practice and finding ways to enrich the lives of the families we work with.  

We’ve spent the last year getting the clinic humming along nicely and are now at a point where we really want to bring on another clinician who has their own interests and personality that they can share with our families. 

Why would working with us be awesome?

We want you to be healthy and well. Beyond being a psychologist or provisional psychologist, we want our team to feel like their work contributes to their wellbeing, and that their wellbeing is critically important. How does that look? We are constantly looking for ways to support your wellbeing as a practitioner – whether that is providing you with a welcome box complete with self-care resources, making you part of our small (but very sweet team) or providing training to help you keep growing and developing. At the heart of this is working alongside practitioners who know what burn out looks like and want to help you avoid that at all costs! 

If you are the kind of person who enjoys coming up with your own idea and executing it, we’re there with you to help make it real. If you want to work somewhere where your feedback leads to actual change, we got you! Our general rule of thumb – if it is financially viable AND something you are passionate about, we can do it. 

We want to pay you a good rate. If you want to chat about $$$’s, I’ll be happy to be transparent with you (why would you apply for a job and not know how much it pays?!)

We believe all psychologists are awesome – we charge clients the same amount to see a psychologist, no matter what “kind” you are. And it works. Client’s value all of us the same because we value each other the same, and no one is asking to see one psychologist over another because of different fees/rebates.

We have the ability to provide internal or external board approved supervision. 

We don’t mind if you are a new graduate or old graduate – who you are REALLY MATTERS. Our team work closely with each other.

We appreciate the value that all people along their practice journey have to offer and will work with you to highlight your strengths and support you in areas of growth

I would love to talk to you if you think this sounds interesting.

Send me an email:

Sarah-Jayne Duryea