Needles, cycles and waiting. Three words that characterise the difficult IVF process.

Having treatment for fertility is emotionally and physically draining. And even more so when undertaking a cycle of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). You may encounter a sense of grief, isolation, anxiety, and many more emotions.

Going through IVF is often likened to getting on a roller coaster. You might experience times of renewed hope and anticipation and also of despair and disappointment. Despite the breath-taking science, the reality is often that Mother Nature ultimately controls the outcome.

Coming to terms with that can be difficult – which is where IVF counselling can help.

Why IVF can be so difficult

The physical and emotional experience of fertility treatment is different for every couple, and it can be a daunting prospect to be starting a course of IVF.

While there’s plenty of hope for a beautiful baby at the end, in the meantime, there could be months or years of painful injections, unpredictable hormones, medical monitoring and surgical procedures.

Then, there’s the waiting. There can be so much waiting and so much unknown, with nothing guaranteed. And with many women needing multiple rounds of IVF before they achieve a successful pregnancy, the ongoing disappointment and heartache can be difficult to bear.

How IVF counselling can help

It can be helpful to get professional support before, during and after IVF, regardless of the outcome. This will help you to maintain your mental health and help you to make sense of your experience.

Just like when you experience any other difficult life circumstances, the sooner you start IVF counselling, the better you’ll feel. It’s wise to keep in mind that managing your stress levels can definitely play a part in your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Singles, same sex couples and heterosexual couples who are pursuing donor conception often seek support when contemplating the complexities of using donor sperm or eggs. It is beneficial to spend some time thinking through how to manage this with family and friends as well as the child.

Donor conception is something the team here at Happy Minds is passionate about.

Get professional IVF support

At Happy Minds Psychology, our goal is to help patients explore and normalise their feelings, identify coping strategies, strengths, and support networks and to take on their treatments with a sense of calm. IVF counselling can really help.

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