Reaching menopause is a natural time of transition and every women will experience this time differently. Often women spend time in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s raising kids, working on their career and finding that special someone. Going through the menopause is often (although not always) a gradual physiological change.  You may experience a range of uncomfortable and distressing symptoms. It also comes with a change in status and makes for a large adjustment, both physically and psychologically. Getting help for the menopause transition is a must. 

Help for Menopause and your mental Health

In some cases, the reduction of estrogen in menopause will impact on a women’s mental health. Therefore, this milestone in a woman’s life is not merely about those pesky hormones (or lack of). It is also a time when you may be experiencing other major transitions.  There may be issues with children leaving home, grandchildren and retirement, as well as issues in relationships or re-partnering. The list is endless!

How Happy minds can help with Menopause

Whilst we leave the medication up your friendly Geelong GP, working with a psychologist can help balance emotions and smooth out those transitions. Therefore, setting you up for the next stage of life.  Besides, putting some extra effort into caring for yourself at this stage of life can improve your sleeping and help you manage hot flushes.  Most importantly, we can help you plan your future in a positive way. 

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