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Geelong Psychologists: Getting to know Happy Minds Psychology

At Happy Minds, our Geelong Psychologists, offer a holistic approach to supporting our clients, building their resilience and increasing their life satisfaction and mental wellness. But who are we? And how can we help YOU?

Our psychologist practice

Happy Minds is a private psychology and mental health practice located in Ocean Grove, Victoria. Many of our clients are residents of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast, but we can also speak with people as far-flung as Perth or Darwin via the magic of Telehealth!

If you are lucky enough to live in our lovely corner of the world, our recently refurbished Ocean Grove office is a warm and serene space for face-to-face sessions. The Happy Minds practice has been designed as a place where individuals can feel safe and supported through vulnerability and empowered on their unique journey towards mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our Geelong Psychologists team

Our principal psychologist, Sarah-Jayne Duryea (she/her), is an energetic therapist specialising in reproductive, perinatal and parenting psychology. She adopts a strengths-based approach to mental health, focusing on increasing resilience and a fulfilling engagement with life rather than on ‘fixing’ dysfunction. Sarah-Jane has been a psychologist for nearly 20 years now but is never one to rest on her laurels. With two Masters Degrees under her belt, a diploma, and numerous counselling, coaching and therapy qualifications, she is always looking to learn more and deepen her understanding of human relationships and the pathways we can travel towards emotional wellbeing. Before all of this, she is a mum to two little ones. Sarah-Jayne’s pathway to becoming a mother was long and she is inspired every day when looking at her children and what it took to get them here!

Our newest member of the team and wonderful intern, Rowie Sullivan (she/her), is our newest team member and was handpicked by Sarah-Jayne for her capacity to work in the perinatal and parenting area of psychology. Rowie is experienced in working with adults over the age of 18 years who are experiencing a broad range of mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. She has a special interest in working with mums experiencing postnatal depression and anxiety.

Our philosophy

At Happy Minds, we are committed to supporting and driving positive change for women and their families, always acknowledging and celebrating the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes. We specialise in using a range of evidence-based psychological techniques to tailor support and treatment to individual clients. These approaches; including Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; are known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience, and create sustainable and meaningful positive change.

Sarah-Jayne is proud to have built Happy Minds Psychology on the values of positivity, inclusivity, dignity and community.  

Our services

At Happy Minds, we assist and celebrate women and provide expertise across a wide range of issues unique to women. (And, yes, we work with dads too!) You don’t need to have suffered a capital-T trauma or a serious life-changing event to seek out therapy. Day-to-day life comes with its complexities and anxieties, and our non-judgmental team are here to support you through your concerns, adding essential strategies to your toolbox of coping skills.

We offer counselling for issues as diverse as; infertility, pregnancy and birth anxiety, grief and loss, postnatal depression, relationships, perimenopause and menopause, trauma, and surrogacy. We’re also here to champion you through positive parenting and positive ageing.

Contact your Geelong Psychologist today

It’s easy to put self-care on the backburner, particularly when family and work lives are constantly getting busier. It’s easy to put the needs of partners, children, parents, and colleagues before oneself. Putting yourself first for a change is not selfish – it’s a step towards a fuller, happier and more resilient life. If you need support or just an impartial ear, we’re here to help.

If you want to thrive, not just survive, take the first step and contact Happy Minds Psychology today. Reach out to the team on 03 5292 8833, fill out our website contact form or drop us a line at [email protected]

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