Tracking Your Psychology Progress: Signs Your Geelong Psychology Journey Is Effective

There isn’t any one, surefire way, to identify if your psychology journey is progressing in the right direction. Every individual has their own circumstances, their own life challenges, and their own diagnosis. However there are some identifiers that may indicate you are making progress in a healthy and meaningful way.

If you’ve found this post, you may be wondering if your psychologist in Geelong is working for you, and we’re here to help you identify key points that may indicate you are making progress in your psychology journey.

Connection With Your Geelong Psychologist

Connecting with a psychologist is an important part of getting the help you need to make progress on your journey. A strong connection with your psychologist will allow you to feel comfortable, open up honestly and get more out of the sessions. It’s not just beneficial for you, but also for your psychologist, since it’s easier for psychologists to provide meaningful help when we can forge a meaningful connection.

If you feel as though you have developed a strong connection with your psychologist, this can be a good indicator that your psychology journey is moving in the right direction.

An Approach That Resonates

When it comes to mental health, finding an approach that resonates with you can be a great indicator of positive progress. There are a variety of therapy treatment styles, however discovering the one that fits best and works for your situation is essential.

The positive thing is that once you have found the right route to take, there is greater potential for making greater strides in terms of growth. While it might not happen overnight, taking the time to find the right approach for your needs is key and will lead to better outcomes in the long-term.

A Deeper Understanding Of Yourself

Having a better understanding of your own mental health is an important part of progress during your Geelong psychology journey. This can be a strong indicator that your current therapy strategy is working for you and helping to bring about positive change. However, if you find that these issues still remain unclear or unresolved after some time with a psychologist, it could be a sign that you should explore different methods or talk to someone new.

Ultimately, the goal should be to find what type of therapy works best for you so that you can make the most out of your mental health journey.

Our Geelong Psychology Offering

Happy Minds Psychology are a Geelong based psychology practise that specialise in helping women and men develop long term strategies for their mental health. Offering a variety of different approaches, our practitioners employ various therapeutic styles to ensure every individual receives tailored support that meets their individual needs.

If you’re a Geelong resident looking for a psychologist, we highly recommend reaching out to our psychology team

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