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Having a child through surrogacy is a little like making an omelette – bear with me here – even though you have assembled all the right ingredients,…

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So, you’ve found your Surrogate or perfect Intended Parent(s) and it feels a bit like you’ve hit the jackpot. Then it dawns on you. You now have…

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Surrogacy: the process of giving birth on behalf of another person or couple For such a seemingly unambiguous definition, the concept of surrogacy in Australia is often…

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Surrogacy In Australia How to Create Bounce Back

Pursuing surrogacy in Australia is a bit like the Serenity Prayer  – you need to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things…

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Infertility Counselling Geelong Melbourne

When you break a bone and go to the hospital, you know what’s going to happen. Your bone will be set in a splint or a cast…

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