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mother wound

Our relationships with our parents – and often particularly our mothers – shape our personalities and our lives. When it comes to our mums, and all that…

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IVF Failure

Using any scale of measurement, the process of IVF is a grueling one. All of those hopes and fears, the money spent, the physical processes endured. All…

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Menopause – a natural biological process involving the cessation of the menstrual cycle – can seem like uncharted territory for many women, something unknown and not necessarily…

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The ‘holiday’ season is almost upon us, and with its promise of pine-scented rooms and mince pies, for many, it can also be a harbinger of anxiety,…

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setting boundaries

Setting healthy personal boundaries, and being able to recognise and observe the boundaries of others, is crucial to establishing strong, respectful relationships. But what are healthy boundaries? …

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Why is resilience important for mental well being

We’ve all been there – you’re going through life and all is well. You’ve just got a promotion at work, your boss thinks you’re great and you’ve…

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how smiling effects the brain.

You’re never fully dressed with out a smile…but how does smiling effect the brain? Ever notice that a smiling person is often surrounded by others? Studies show…

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