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IVF Anxiety

It is estimated that more than 8 million babies have been born globally through IVF over the last 40 years, which is a wonderful statistic for each…

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Anxiety post-IVF

When you’re on the rollercoaster ride of IVF, the endpoint seems quite simple: conception. Unfortunately, what can come as a surprise for some women and couples who…

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high functioning anxiety

The scourge of anxiety in Australia is well-known – according to Beyond Blue, one-quarter of all Australians will experience anxiety at some stage of their life. Generalised…

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Everyone feels anxious from time to time. However, women experience anxiety more often than others. If your anxious feelings do not disappear after a stressful situation has…

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Pregnancy Support Geelong

Pregnancy: a time for skipping through a field of daisies in the sunshine – right? For many pregnant women, the experience of being pregnant is no trip…

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