Big Miracles Angus and Adam

Big Miracles: Angus & Adam’s Inspiring Journey To Fatherhood

“Big Miracles” is a new, groundbreaking TV show on Channel 9’s network that follows the journeys of ten Australian couples and singles as they pursue their dream of becoming parents. 

In the latest episode, we had the privilege of witnessing the heartwarming story of Angus and Adam, an Australian gay couple who have been together for 18 years and have always dreamed of becoming dads. Through surrogacy, they were able to make their dream a reality.

Angus and Adam’s journey to parenthood was not an easy one. For the past 10 years, they have been planning and preparing for this moment. Thanks to changes in Australian society, surrogacy law reform and the incredible IVF technologies available, they were finally able to pursue surrogacy as a means of having children, just like any other Australian couple.

The Gift of Egg Donation

When Angus and Adam first decided to pursue surrogacy, they knew that they would need to find an Egg Donor to make their dreams of parenthood a reality. After exploring various options, Adam’s sister, Corrinne, came forward and offered to donate eggs. 

Corrinne went through an egg retrieval procedure to help fulfil her brother’s dream of parenthood. She selflessly donated 19 eggs to Angus and Adam, giving them both the opportunity to share a genetic connection with their child. 

It’s not every day you come across such an act of kindness, but for Angus and Adam, it was a beautiful moment that they will always cherish. This approach to surrogacy highlights the unique bonds of family and the incredible generosity that can come from those closest to us.

Finding Their Incredible Surrogate

After receiving the gift of eggs from Adam’s sister Corrinne, Angus and Adam took to the internet in the hopes of finding a surrogate to carry their baby. They posted in an online surrogacy group, hoping to connect with a woman who shared their values and would be the right fit for their family.

It wasn’t long before they connected with an inspiring woman named Kate. She was a mother of 5, and her warm and friendly personality immediately caught Angus and Adam’s attention. They were thrilled to discover that Kate was interested in helping them fulfil their dream of becoming fathers.

As they got to know Kate better, Angus and Adam were struck by her generosity and her willingness to help them. They shared their hopes and fears, their joys and challenges, and they quickly developed a deep and meaningful connection.

The 1 ‘Normal’ Embryo

After connecting with Kate, Angus and Adam went through the process of creating embryos, hoping that this would be the key to fulfilling their dream of becoming fathers.

However, when the results came back, Angus and Adam were faced with a daunting reality. Only 5 embryos had been created, and of these, only 1 was genetically healthy and normal. It was a moment of fear and uncertainty, as they knew that everything now relied on the success of this 1 embryo transfer.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Angus and Adam remained hopeful and determined. They leaned on each other for support, knowing that this was their chance to become parents and that they couldn’t give up now.

As they went through the embryo transfer process, they were nervous but optimistic. They knew that they had found the perfect surrogate in Kate, and they had faith in the love and support of their family and friends.

In the end, their faith was rewarded. The embryo transfer was successful, and Kate fell pregnant with their child. It was a moment of pure joy and elation, as Angus and Adam realised that their dream of becoming fathers was finally coming true.

The Importance of a Strong Support Network in Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a journey filled with highs and lows, as we saw in Angus and Adam’s episode on Big Miracles. It’s an emotional roller coaster that can take a toll on even the strongest of relationships. 

That’s why it’s crucial for anyone pursuing surrogacy, whether they be Egg Donors, Intended Parents, or Surrogates, to build a strong support network that they can rely on throughout the journey.

This support network should include family and friends who understand and respect the unique challenges of surrogacy. It should also include a surrogacy counsellor who can help them navigate the emotional turbulence of the process. 

This is where Happy Minds Psychology comes in, providing vital support and guidance to help people deal with the complex emotions that come with surrogacy.

Surrogacy is not for the faint of heart, but with the right support network in place, it can be a journey filled with hope, love, and joy. It’s a chance for people to fulfil their dreams of becoming parents, and for surrogates to make a difference in the lives of others.

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