How a psychologist can help you

When you feel sick, you generally see a doctor. In the same way doctor’s look after our physical health, psychologists look after our mental health.

Mental wellness is important. Many of us struggle, yet we keep our concerns and worries to ourselves. At Happy Minds Psychology in Ocean Grove, we provide an attentive listening ear to understand your concerns and worries and may suggest some coping strategies for you.

Family obligations, work pressure, life changes, many things stress us out. At Happy Minds we listen, providing tools or a plan to deal with your responsibilities that takes your mental wellbeing into account.

How can a psychologist help me?

Typically, psychologists use various forms of therapy to help people overcome a range of difficulties. Happy Minds Psychology in the Bellarine Peninsula use Positive Psychology coaching and talk therapy to work through any issues or concerns you have. Our psychologists, work with you to better understand your problems, listen attentively without interrupting and can therefore provide coping strategies if needed.

Therapy is inclusive

Therapy is for anyone struggling with day-to-day challenges, relationships, family life, career, death, change in personal circumstances, anxiety, or mental wellness. You might not even know what exactly is bothering you; however, you just haven’t felt ‘right’ or ‘yourself’ for a while.

Happy Minds positive psychologists based in Ocean Grove help women focus on what’s right with them, rather than what’s wrong, using these realizations as leverage to create significant changes using the latest, evidence-based psychology.

Finding the right psychologist for you

Within the first few sessions, you will be able to tell if our Ocean Grove psychologists at Happy Minds Psychology are a good fit as you should feel safe, comfortable, and understood when talking to them. Our counsellors will work with you to outline your therapy goals, and discuss how to achieve your desired outcome.

No matter your reason for seeking help, finding a compassionate psychologist that you connect with and trust is essential.

Take a leap of faith and reach out if you are struggling. If you feel nervous about making an appointment with a psychologist, you are not alone. Emailing or filling out a contact form is a great first step to connecting with a counsellor.

Contact our compassionate Ocean Grove psychologists

Happy Minds Psychology helps women to flourish by creating meaningful and sustainable positive change. Offering a range of psychological services to adults with a particular focus on women’s health, Happy Minds draws from several treatment modalities, including Positive Psychology, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Our psychology practise is a space where you can feel understood, accepted and empowered.

Ready to make an appointment? Call us on 0431 666 050 or email [email protected]

Located along the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, the team at Happy Minds offers counselling sessions:

  • via Telehealth for anyone across Australia, or
  • face to face in our Ocean Grove office.

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