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Transform Your Organisation with Sarah-Jayne Duryea

Harnessing Organisational Potential with Sarah-Jayne Duryea

MScFPsych, MScCPsych, BA(Hons), AssocMAPS, MBPss.

Sarah-Jayne Duryea, with her extensive experience in psychology and organisational consulting, has a unique ability to help organisations unlock their potential and thrive. She brings a deep understanding of human behaviour to her organisational psychology consulting, providing insights and strategies that drive organisational success.

Sarah-Jayne believes that at the heart of every successful organisation are its people. Her consulting focuses on understanding the human dynamics within organisations, from leadership to teamwork, motivation to wellbeing, and more.

Sarah-Jayne combines her psychological insights with organisational strategy, providing holistic solutions that drive performance, productivity, and positivity in the workplace.


Building High-Performing, Positive Teams

A high-performing team can be an organisation’s greatest asset. Sarah-Jayne’s consulting helps organisations build and develop such teams. She provides insights into team dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, and more, helping teams work together effectively towards their goals.

Sarah-Jayne’s approach to team development is underpinned by psychological insights. She understands that each team is unique, with its own strengths, challenges, and dynamics.

Sarah-Jayne’s consulting is tailored to the unique needs and context of each team, providing solutions that enhance teamwork, boost productivity, and create a positive team culture.

Cultivating Effective Leadership for Organisational Success

Strong leadership is a driving force behind organisational success. Sarah-Jayne’s organisational consulting helps develop leaders who inspire, motivate, and drive their teams towards shared success.

She offers tailored leadership development programs, providing leaders with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to lead effectively. Her consulting focuses not just on the ‘what’ of leadership, but also the ‘why’ and ‘how’, equipping leaders to lead with authenticity, empathy, and impact.

Sarah-Jayne offers tailored leadership development programs, providing leaders with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to lead effectively.


Are you prepared to harness the power of your organisation's potential, foster a positive culture, and
create a remarkable impact in your industry?

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing for Organisational Productivity

Employee wellbeing is crucial for organisational productivity and success. Sarah-Jayne’s consulting helps organisations create a positive work environment that supports employee wellbeing. She offers strategies and interventions to manage stress, enhance work-life balance, and promote mental health in the workplace.

Sarah-Jayne’s approach to employee wellbeing is holistic. She understands that employee wellbeing is influenced by various factors—from the work environment to leadership, work demands to resources, and more.

Sarah-Jayne’s consulting provides a comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing, focusing on creating a work environment that promotes not just physical health, but also psychological and social wellbeing.

Propel Your Organisation Towards Transformation

Steering your organisation towards transformation requires not just strategic acumen, but a deep comprehension and leveraging of the human elements that shape your organisation. Understanding the dynamics of your team, fostering effective leadership, and promoting a culture of wellbeing are all integral parts of this journey.

Sarah-Jayne Duryea, with her unique blend of organisational consulting and psychological insights, is the perfect partner for this transformative journey.

With Sarah-Jayne, you’ll not only be propelling your organisation towards transformation, but also fostering a work environment that drives performance, productivity, and positivity – get in touch today.