New Service Announcement: Specialised Support for Domestic Violence Survivors at Happy Minds Psychology

We’re thrilled to announce a significant addition to our array of psychological services at Happy Minds Psychology in Geelong

Recognising the vital need for specialised care, we are expanding our expertise to offer support specifically tailored for victim-survivors of domestic violence. Our new domestic violence counselling service aims to provide a safe, confidential, and empowering environment for individuals on their journey to recovery and healing.

The Rising Need for Specialised Support

Domestic violence remains a pressing issue in Australia, affecting people across diverse communities. In Geelong, like in many other areas, there’s a growing need for specialised psychological services that focus on the unique challenges faced by victim-survivors.

Offering this specialised support isn’t just about meeting a need; it’s about taking a stand as mental health professionals to contribute positively to our community’s wellbeing.

What Specialised Support Entails

So, what does specialised support for victim-survivors of domestic violence look like at Happy Minds Psychology? 

Our approach incorporates trauma-informed care, empowerment-based therapy, and various other proven therapeutic modalities to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. 

We acknowledge that each individual’s experience is unique and requires a personalised strategy for recovery. Our goal is to offer not just a sympathetic ear, but also actionable tools and coping mechanisms that empower our clients to regain control of their lives.

How We Can Help: Services Offered

At Happy Minds Psychology in Geelong, our new suite of services focuses on individual therapy for victims of domestic violence. 

Whether it’s one-on-one sessions to help you process trauma or settings where shared experiences can offer additional layers of support, we’ve got you covered. 

We carefully tailor these services to cater to the nuanced and diverse needs of domestic violence survivors, ensuring that you’re receiving the care most pertinent to your specific situation.

Confidentiality and Safety

Your safety and confidentiality are our top priorities at Happy Minds Psychology. Our Geelong psychology clinic has stringent measures in place to protect your privacy and ensure that you can speak openly in a secure setting. 

We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards so that you can focus on your healing journey without added stress or concern.

Get in Touch

If you or someone you know could benefit from our specialised services for domestic violence survivors, we strongly encourage you to reach out. The Happy Minds Psychology team in Geelong is here to support you with expert care tailored to your needs. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your healing journey or looking to continue your progress, our doors are open, and we’re here to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our new service offering. We’re committed to providing the best psychological care in Geelong and are excited to include this essential service in our repertoire.

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