Sarah-Jayne Duryea at the LGBTQIA+ Better Together Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Sarah-Jayne Duryea, our Principal Psychologist, will be a panellist at the LGBTQIA+ Better Together conference, brought to you by Nicholes Family Lawyers.

With a distinguished career focusing on supporting individuals of all backgrounds on their journey to parenthood, Sarah-Jayne has developed an empathetic and knowledgeable approach to supporting diverse families. Her participation in this conference is not just a professional commitment but a celebration of family diversity and inclusion.

Sarah-Jayne’s Extensive Experience

Sarah-Jayne’s work spans several aspects of family creation, particularly surrogacy, IVF and fertility, where she has guided numerous families through the intricate psychological landscapes that accompany these journeys. 

Sarah-Jayne’s experience is deeply rooted in a personal passion for supporting all individuals, regardless of their background, in achieving their dreams of parenthood. This has made her an invaluable support resource within the LGBTQIA+ community, as she assists with unique challenges such as surrogacy counselling, fertility counselling, perinatal and parenting support. 

Surrogacy Counselling for LGBTQIA+ Couples

At Happy Minds Psychology, under the guidance of Sarah-Jayne Duryea, we are committed to providing surrogacy counselling to LGBTQIA+ couples across Australia. We support couples from all backgrounds as they navigate the complex emotional, ethical and logistical aspects of surrogacy.

Sarah-Jayne brings her extensive experience to ensure that our counselling meets the highest standards of care. We offer surrogacy counselling that supports everyone involved — parents, surrogates and donors — throughout their journey. This includes crucial support before, during and after the surrogacy process, helping all parties adjust to new dynamics and relationships.

Hear more about Sarah-Jayne’s experience in this field by attending the Better Together Conference. 

Conference Details

Do not miss this insightful event where Sarah-Jayne will share her expertise:

Date: Saturday, 15 June 2024

Time: 11.3oam

Location: Room 6, GMHBA Stadium, Kardinia Park, Geelong

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