Family therapy

Happy young family family therapy

Family therapy

Happy parents have happy kids.

Having a connected and stable family life offers children their first lesson in how to conduct relationships throughout their life. Whatever the type of family – for example a blended , LGBT or single family, it is possible to increase the well being of your family unit and decrease conflict. Family Counselling can be a positive experience for everyone. 

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. However, not every member of a family is related by blood. Therefore what does make a family is people who are grouped together with a common bond . What makes a family is love. 

Often, families are trying to adjust to changes such as separation, re-partnering, managing difficult child behaviour or co-parenting.  Therefore, it can be beneficial to have a neutral ground in which to work out a positive parenting plan to move forward. Family counselling allows all members of the family to have a voice, and can bring more fun and happiness to everyday life. 

What is family counselling at happy minds like?

We don’t just look at the problems at Happy Minds Psychology. So often we talk about what is working well in the family and use this as leverage to change. You will also spend some time focusing on activities that will bring you closer as a family. 

They say that home is where the heart is – so make your experience of family a positive one. 

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