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mother wound

Our relationships with our parents – and often particularly our mothers – shape our personalities and our lives. When it comes to our mums, and all that…

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postpartum sex

When to start having sex again after delivery is a hot topic (!), but the arrival of a baby can act like a relationship earthquake – your…

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It may be an understatement to say that being a new parent is both incredible and incredibly hard. And – despite the incredible side of the equation;…

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young children

Being a parent to young children can be hard at the best of times. They keep changing! The goalposts keep moving, and trying to stay ahead of…

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Being a brand-new (or second-time or third-time…) parent is hard. All of a sudden we need to get to know a tiny new person and try to…

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Positive Parenting Toddler Behaviour Geelong Psychologist

Children grow so quickly. One minute they are happily floating around in amniotic fluid, the next they are learning to walk! There seems to be gazillions of…

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